Her Majesty – Pomegranate : Incredible Fruit for Your Health

Pomegranate reminiscent of red orange or apples full of seeds, with thick bark. It is very important part of the Lebanese, Iranian, Turkish, Greek and Indian cuisines, and due to its beneficial effect on health, it is often used in marine medicine as well as in cosmetics.

It originates from a region that stretches from Iran to northern India, from where the ancient Greeks transferred it to the Mediterranean. From there he arrived with the Moors in Spain, and Granada was named after him. Ancient Egyptians were buried with these fruit trees because they believed it symbolized hope in a new life. Pomegranates were also worshiped by the prophets of Muhammad, and religious images often portray Virgin Mary or little Jesus as they hold the pomegranates in their hand. A hundred milliliters of seads contains 16 percent of the required daily amount of vitamin C.


Pomegranate juice reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, and seed oil and fermented juice prevent the development of tumor cells in breast and prostate cancer. Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a fruit that used to be used as a medicine in ancient times, and due to its large number of seeds, it was considered a fertility symbol that brings happiness to the house.

Fruitful parts of the fruit that mature in late autumn or early winter are juice and seeds. The fruit of Pomegranate is rich in all vitamins, especially C, A, E and B5, as well as minerals potassium and iron. A hundred milliliters of granules contain as much as 16 percent of the required daily amount of vitamin C for adults. The red color of the fruit gets from anthocyanides and tannins. It also has two types of polyphenolic compounds to which as much as 92 percent of the antioxidant activity is attributed. It contains about 15 grams of sugar, which makes this characteristic pleasant and slightly acidic taste.


For sap of pomegranate it has been proven to have a higher antioxidant effect, even from red wine and green tea. It also acts as an antiatherogenic, ie prevents atherosclerosis. Israeli scientists have found that taking a glass of pomegranate juice daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. By consuming this juice for one year, blood pressure decreases by about 21 percent and significantly increases blood flow to the heart.

Seed oil and fermented juice of the granules prevent the formation and development of tumor cells, especially in breast and prostate cancer. But in order to get rid of malignant cells, first of all in prostate cancer, men should drink a quarter of a liter of juice every few months, a couple of months, according to research.

Granules and products of this fruit contain phytostrogens, that is, plant hormones that prevent various diseases. Among them, hormone-dependent cancers such as, for example, ovarian cancer, are at a special place. In women in menopause, positive effects were observed in the onset of depression and osteoporosis. Viennese Professor Hademar Bankhofer points out that it is enough to take one pomegranate per day to alleviate the symptoms in the climax because it contains substances very similar to estrogens, which positively affects the level of hormones.
The exceptionally good effect of pomegranates is achieved in the treatment of cuts, burns and other wounds. In addition to numerous diseases, it has been confirmed that the consumption of juice of the pomegranate slows down the development of Alzheimer’s disease, so science today confirms practically what the ancient grants have always known that “the pomegranates are truly a miraculous fruit”

The advocates of traditional medicine also say that regular consumption of this fruit provide solid fingernails, beautiful and healthy skin and hair, as well as peace of mind. British scientists have proven that day-to-day consumption of pomegranates slows down the oxidation of DNA into the cells, which slows down the aging process. An extract of whole fruit should be taken, which contains both the core and the bark and the seed, in the form of capsules, experts recommend, and improvement of the general condition can be expected already after a month.

How to make home-made pomegranate juice


For the preparation of juice from pomegranate you need berries and sugar. Try to clean them well before you start preparing (it refers to traces of bark or yellow mushroom that can be fetched). Once thoroughly cleaned, place them in a bowl with sugar in a moderately cold place for a day or 24 hours.

Try to mix the juice more often as it stands (not very often, but say 5 to 10 times). Likewise, when you mix the content it is important that you grind the pomegranates as much as you can in order to release precious juice. After 24 hours, you will notice that the sugar has completely melted and mixed with the juice.

When you finish this phase, then the next one follows. At that second stage, prepare a secko (can and a blender) and pour all the contents that you have prepared and pour well. If you have done all this well, then you will eventually get a smooth and smooth structure of the juice.

It should be noted that at the end of this preparation, a syrup of pomegranate is obtained which later dissolves with water (if desired) and thus gets the juice from the pomegranate.

How to make Pomegranate Tea

Natural Pomegranate Juice is one of the most popular recipes for these fruits, but others are also very often used and looking for, among them is certainly also a gentle tea of ​​pomegranates, here’s how to make it.

For the preparation you need the bark of pomegranate. Place 10 to 12 g of dry granules in a warm bowl and sprinkle with 200 ml boiling water. It’s nice to cover everything nicely. After 20 to 30 minutes, tea can be drunk. Otherwise, it is often used tea from the bark of pomegranate for the treatment of diarrhea, salmonella and dysentery.


Lightweight Pomegranate and Carrots Salad


  • half a cup of seed of pomegranate
  • 1 cup of shredded carrots
  • cleaned and peeled apples on cubes
  • spoon of lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • a quarter of cup raisins

Put apple and carrots in a bowl and pour lemon juice and then stir. Mix honey and raisins and add seeds of pomegranate. Now all of this unite and mix. With homemade juice of pomegranate, we also recommend this delicious salad.



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