Ginger Health Benefits : Spice, Tea, Beer and Chocolate

Ginger Health Benefits : Spice, Tea, Beer and Chocolate

Ginger is a perennial spice herb of thick rhizomes and stems wrapped in leaf gloves, pink flowers gathered in the ears, grows from 50 to 100 cm. Ginger grows in Southeast Asia, India and China, and in ancient times, people transported it to caravans in Asia Minor. It belongs to the oldest oriental spices that arrived in Europe in the Middle Ages. It is used as rice for rations, and today it is grown in tropical regions around the world. This spicy and medicinal herb is pleasant to the smell and sharp taste, it is fleshy with its rice, it is light yellow, it is used somewhat as a spice, and it is used more often in the west for delicacies. Contains starch, resins, essential oils, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus.

How Ginger Is Used?

In Asian countries, ginger is used to treat antivomiting disorders and stimulants are used. Its extract is added to some refreshing drinks. The best quality ginger is grown in Australia, Jamaica, India and China, and comes to our market as an unhealthy root, sometimes whole, and sometimes dried. Dried ginger powder has a sharp taste and is most often added to the dough. It can also be found as candied or as a syrup, added as a spice to all dishes from different types of meat. In Japan, it is being cracked. The fresh and dry root is very different in its specificity. While fresh ginger serves to enhance sweating and toxins from the body, dried is used for stomach diseases, diarrhea, rheumatism, cough.

ginger health benefits

Ginger is used in China in 50% of the preparation because it improves the properties of the plant with which it is mixed. The flavor is stronger if it is washed well or rubbed unclean and thus adds a meal. Grated ginger is also used as tea.

What are Ginger Health Benefits?

Ginger is very useful and for many reasons it should be in the house. It is also used for lining against the island, against cramps, for the reduction of pain in muscle and bone problems-arthritis, as a prevention against cold, strengthens immunity, against migraines and flu, prevents the appearance of blood clots, improves memory, mild aphrodisiac, antiseptic and Antioxidants. There is no harmful effect, but it is recommended not more than 5 grams a day so you can use all ginger health benefits. Care must be taken not to consume in the event that blood thinners, lowering of sugar and pressure are used.

Ginger beer – How to make?

For welding and detoxification, ginger beer is made in the following way.

½ cup of gingerbread, which is about 120 ml, a lemon-priced lemon peel pre-washed sprinkled with 6 tablespoons of brown sugar, add 3 lemon juice and 1 liter of mineral water. Leave 10 minutes to stand, process, add lots of ice and fresh mint. This mixture without ice, with honey instead of sugar is a drink against colds.

Hot chocolate with ginger

Hot chocolate with ginger is very tasty. You need 100 ml of water, 10 grams of fresh ginger, 70 grams of chocolate for cooking and 30 grams of hot chocolate with more cocoa, 200 ml of sweet sour cream. The ginger cuts on the rings and puts it in boiling water and cooks for 10 minutes. Procedures and hot chopped chopped chocolate and sweet sour cream. It is heated with stirring until it begins to grow and penetrate and drink hot.

Ginger tea for the cold

For the cold, the fresh root of ginger is cut on the slices and added to the boiling water, 10 slices per half a liter of water. Tea from ginger is cooked for 10 minutes, process and drink with honey and lemon, as the ginger is in itself hot. Maybe the best ginger health benefits you can get from tea.

ginger health benefits

Some studies even show that the ginger is capable of destroying cancer cells in lung, ovarian, colon, breast, prostate, skin and pancreatic cancer. It is assumed that the gingerbread ingredient is responsible for this. Ginger health benefits is also attributed a feature to prevent the effect of pesticide toxins on the body.

All in all, it should be included in the diet in whatever form, be careful not to overdo it and to use all the ginger health benefits that it brings.




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