Constipation Treatment, Causes and Relief : Help Your Bowels Move

Today we’re talking about problem that a lot of people have and Constipation Treatment, Causes and Relief.

Constipation Causes

Constipation is a difficult discharge of the feces or hard stool, usually more often than three times a week. When these symptoms last for more than six weeks, this is a chronic obstipation which is a very serious health problem. The number of stools depends on many factors – from the type of food we eat, fluid intake, movement, insufficient fiber, skipping of meals,etc. These are the root causes of constipation or obstipation. That is why the body needs to learn to function again.

No meal should you skip because only

taking food encourages the bowels to work.

The normal and desirable space between stools ranges from 12 to 48 hours, possibly up to 72 hours. But, if the stool misses a day, two or three, you’re not in the problem. Someone has such a rhythm all his life and is normally having a stool every three days. But more is not desirable because the constipation is damaging all organs, causing headaches and migraines, flatulence, abdominal and back pain and that is the time to start your personal constipation treatment. But there are tricks that can help you get rid of constipation and feel tired or irritable.

Constipation Treatment

Gastroenterologist Joanne Wilson advises you to have breakfast everyday.

– Awakening, jumping in the shower and speed breakfast may be great for productivity, but not for your digestion. Eating in the morning is great for you bowel, and you will certainly not find yourself rushing to the public toilet if you get up early enough. Wake up early in the morning so you have time to do it all at your home. You are ready for first trip to the bathroom half an hour after your first meal. – says Nicolette Francey of the New York Medical College.


Here are some fast tips on how to make your digestive tract working:

  • Avoid red meat because foods rich in iron can cause constipation.


  • And calcium can create problems and temporarily remove milk and cheeses from the menus. Even these fat proteins stimulate the release of hormones that slow down digestive transit.


  • Not even putting too much fiber is not good at all. Even though they stimulate the process of digestion, the fibers generate gasses and overhangs that will not be so easy to solve. Three daily portions of vegetables, two fruit trees and a small amount of integral bread should be enough for the intestines to work normally. Rabarbara, artichokes and legumes also help because they are natural laxatives – says Dr Elaine Feldman, a professor at the Georgia Medical College.


  • If you have mild discomfort, try with glycerin, molten magnesium or freshly squeezed juice, such as orange juice. Sometimes a cup of hot soup or cup of coffee will help, as caffeine stimulates bowel drainage.


  • Keep your body hydrated and rinse it with eight glasses of water a day to soften your stool. In the morning, pour a bottle of 1.5 or two liters of water well and try to examine it slowly until the end of the day.


  • Do you think the longer you sit on the board the better? No, because that will not help you get rid of the constipation. If you stretch too tightly, you can only create additional complications in the form of hemorrhoids or rectal prolepses. If you do not do it in 15 minutes, get up from the toilet.


  • If you have constipation, raise your feet to the palm so that your knees are bent. Bowels will have a better position, and you’ll be more comfortable doing it.


  • If none of this do the trick, it will keep you moving continually, at least half an hour a day. Run, walk or swim, but watch out for being hydrated.


  • Do not impose a natural urge. You should go to the toilet when “nature invites you”. Regardless of where you are in that moment, there is always toilet somewhere around you. Lots of people have this problem and can’t go wherever, but suffer until they come home, when the urge has stopped. Vibrant endings send the brain message that the bowels are full and that it needs to be emptied. If this natural impulse is clogged, then the nervous ends and the brain are flattened, the discharge impulse works even weaker and weaker, and so the condition of chronic constipation. You should fight this state and realize that going to the bathroom is perfectly natural thing and needs to be done and this is for some first step of constipation treatment.

 Constipation Relief

What to Eat?

Foods rich in fiber include pears, broccoli, walnut slices, kiwi, carrots, beans, boiled potatoes, peaches, pineapple, lentils, popcorn, orange, brown rice, oatmeal … Make digestive cookies : For 250 g of figs and dried plums stir and add a spoonful of honey. Put it in a jar or make small balls. Add one teaspoon (1-2 balls) each morning with a glass of water or tea.

Cold dishes are better against constipation than hot. It is good to add yogurt to a spoonful of flax seed that will soften and swell stimulate peristalsis and emptying. In mild laxatives we include honey, apple and grape juice, spinach of castor oil, oatmeal, basil and spoon of olive oil.


There are two types of fibers – soluble and insoluble, both of which can prevent the onset of constipation. The solids retain water and make the stool soft, which makes it easier to pass through the intestines. Intact remain unchanged and pass through the intestines and accelerate digestion.

What to drink?

Water is the best friend of your body, and therefore your digestion. It is recommended to drink lukewarm water. Also, include the teas in the daily routine. Tea that acts as a laxative is a tea of ​​butter, sage, mint, fennel, teal and black and green tea.

Lots of people claimed that drinking lemonade with lukewarm water has done miracles for their constipation problem. Just drink warm lemonade in the morning, on empty stomach for few days. This constipation treatment is proven to help your bowels to work again.

What to avoid?

Avoid chocolate, dairy products, red meat, bananas and fried foods and unhealthy snacks like chips, crackers and biscuits. These foods are poor in fiber and can cause additional digestive problems.

Massage as Constipation Treatment

Take warm towel and place it on the lower part of the belly or the pelvis area. Same thing, in the constipation also helps with massage. Lightly press the stomach in the middle and massage it with the palm of your hand clockwise in circular movements, spreading the area from the middle to the outside. Massage the lower part of the belly clockwise each time you feel discomfort in belly. This will help your digestive track to “start up”.



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